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Don Quijote Restaurant
119 E Lincolnway
Valparaiso, IN 46383

Phone: (219) 462-7976
Fax: (219) 464-4611



Indiana's Only Authentic Spanish Restaurant
Americans are discovering the distinctive cuisine of the regions of Spain, and this restaurant offers an excellent introduction to the rich and varied flavors and aromas of Iberian cooking. The proprietors and chefs, Carlos Rivero and Elena Jambrina (both natives of Spain), offer an extensive menu, which includes grilled shellfish, swordfish steaks, skewered pork, Castilian style roast lamb, and two excellent versions of paella, the national dish of Spain and specialty of the house. The current food sensation, tapas (Spanish appetizers) is another specialty. Among the 25 different tapas available are calamares, octopus, Galician stuffed meat pastries, and the traditional Spanish potato omelet. Unique and delicious homemade desserts round out the extensive menu. A continuous array of slides takes you on a visual tour of this beautiful European country as you dine by candlelight in an atmosphere of old Spain. On warm summer evenings, you'll enjoy dining in the outdoor cafe, reminiscent of the sidewalk cafes of Europe. There are so many dishes to try that you'll want to return again and again.





Carlos showing a Paella in the kitchen.                        General Consul of Spain , Mr.Javier Ruperez, a friend and

                                                                                     Carlos Rivero,during our 25th Anniversary Celebration




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