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Don Q Sale! Christmas Gifts with Tasteful Samples & 25% Discounts

I think you’ll agree, shopping for Christmas Gifts isn’t fun! Finding parking and walking up and down aisles looking for someone to help you is stressful. Finding a unique gift gets even more complicated. Chances are, your recipient has everything they need. It’s an exercise in futility.  That all changed last year when I stopped by to pick up a bottle of wine during the annual Don Quijote Import Christmas Sale. What I thought was a quick stop turned out to be an epic journey in fun.

Unique & Memorable Gifts They’ll Cherish | You’ll Love the Shopping Experience

My shopping experience was amazing! I was offered samples of wines from different wine regions. I was offered imported cheese and desserts from Spain. I was even offered the chance to sample extra-virgin olive oils imported fresh. You’ll never believe the difference between the freshest EVOs in Spain and the grocery stores until you try them.

But my greatest reward was the compliments I received weeks after Christmas was over. Before discovering my new source for remarkable shopping, my gifts were legendary for showing up as re-gifts in subsequent years. After discovering Don Quijote, I began to love Christmas shopping and so did my family and friends.

Specials Through Christmas & 2 Huge Sales

The Don Quijote Import store is well-stocked with sales prices through Christmas.  You’ll find 25% Off everything in stock….everything.

 This event is the most tasteful sale you’ll ever attend. You’ll love every minute you are there. I like to bring my wife and have dinner after shopping. It’s a new tradition my wife and I love!

celebrate at don quijoteDon Quijote Open House

Saturday, December 12-4
Wine & Food Samples!

Gift Certificates at Don Quijote | Bonus!


The stories that come with the wine & cheese help make this the best shopping experience ever!


Christmas shopping at Don Quijote starts with a few samples of wine and cheese. It’s not enough to just try the wine and cheese when Chef Carlos helps you. You get a story! The Chef’s passion for wine and cheese is exemplified in his knowledge and skills in storytelling.

You’ll also learn how each region of Spain has it’s own traditions and cultures that helped develop the cheese and wine pairings. You’ll discover in Spain, you don’t order wine by the grape, it’s ordered by the region. Of course, every region has a story….and every story has a region.

Olive Oil from Don Quijote is a Christmas gift everyone loves…everyone!

Once you’ve tried a few wines and explored  the Spanish Wine Regions, you’ll try a few different olive varieties. I learned that many of the olive trees go way back…. way, way, way back! Some before Christ!

From wine to olive oil… you’ll discover the best Christmas gifts at Don Quijote

hidden secrets to olive oil

The different olive oils come with a story too. Some are made for drizzling on bread, while others are mission critical for the best cuisine. You’ll even learn how to decide which extra-virgin olive oils are worth buying.

According to Chef Carlos, God loves the Spanish and made the perfect factors for producing the world’s best olive oils and wines.

Then there is the chocolate and candy. I bet you didn’t know how much better chocolate tastes when it’s served with a little Port. Of course, the Don Quijote Port is mixed in the famous Don Quijote wine cellar. The adventure never ends when you shop for Christmas gifts at Don Quijote.


My best shopping experience ever! It’s this Sunday at Don Quijote Restaurante & Imports from 12-4. But don’t be in a hurry! You won’t want to leave!

Here are some of my favorite gift ideas from last year…. best of all, people thanked me later for the thoughtful gifts!

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