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From exploring Spanish wine regions to remarkable recipes, you'll love the Don Quijote blogs with Carlos Rivero!

Don Quijote Outdoor Dining & Summer Specials

Established 40 Years ago, Don Quijote introduced Outdoor Dining to Northwest Indiana along with numerous other Spanish Traditions. In Spain, food and wine are meant to be shared with friends. So for Don Q’s Outdoor Dining & Summer Specials, Chef Carlos selected specials that can be experienced as a romantic patio excursion or with friends. […]

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Don Quijote Wild Game Dinner is April 7 | Valparaiso

It’s back for its 36th year….the Don Quijote Wild Game Dinner. The legendary dinner that bags them from Chicago, Indianapolis, and parts unknown. You’ll find 20 different species, including fresh alligator meat and kangaroo. What does Alligator Meat Taste Like Did you know the lean alligator meat is very popular in the South and in […]

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Don Q Sale! Christmas Gifts with Tasteful Samples & 25% Discounts

I think you’ll agree, shopping for Christmas Gifts isn’t fun! Finding parking and walking up and down aisles looking for someone to help you is stressful. Finding a unique gift gets even more complicated. Chances are, your recipient has everything they need. It’s an exercise in futility.  That all changed last year when I stopped […]

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Exploring Spanish Wine Regions | Rioja & Marqués de Cáceres

  For years, Spain has taken a back seat to Italian and French wines. That all changed in the 1990s. In the course of the last 2 decades, Spain has become the most celebrated country in the world for its wines. Today, you’ll learn the story of how Spain has risen from the decimation of […]

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How to create a remarkable dining experience & Gazpacho recipe

Secret Spanish Recipes and Wines Have you ever wished you knew the secret Spanish recipes of downtown Valparaiso’s top Chef, Carlos Rivero?  How do you make don Quijote’s remarkable paella, Gazpacho, or sangria?  What Spanish wine pairs well with fresh seafood? Well, foodies, this is the blog that reveals how to create a remarkable dining […]

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Hidden secrets to getting the best virgin olive oil

For most of us, knowing how to buy Olive Oil is a mystery… until now. Today, Chef Carlos Rivero of Don Quijote in Valparaiso shares the hidden secrets to getting the best virgin olive oil. The Secret to remarkable Spanish cooking…and your grocery store is hiding it. I think you’ll agree with me that very […]

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Introducing the Food and Wine Blog of Don Quijote

Introducing the Food and Wine Blog from Don Quijote. This blog is Chef Carlos Rivero’s way of showing his love for his customers, to whom he considers his friends. Each blog will share Carlos’ secret recipes from the Don Quijote menu,  his knowledge of wines, and his memorable stories of Spanish culture. Almost all Spanish […]

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