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Don Quijote Curbside Pickup remarkable Mother’s Day!

FREE Appetizer* & FREE Dessert* for MOM
with your Carry Out Pre-Orders for May 10th

Mother’s Day Curbside Pickup

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-Baked Flounder stuffed w/Crab Meat
-Salmon & Shrimp
-Steak & Salmon
-Steak & Shrimp
-Roasted Veal
-1/2 lb Bison Burger
~~~CHOICE of Mom’s complimentary appetizer & Dessert
*Mushrooms sautéed w/garlic
*Beef Meatballs
*Tortilla Española
*Patatas Bravas
*Queso Manchego
*Chicken Croquettes
~~~ Dessert :
*Tarta de Cuajada
*Fresh Lime Pie
*Apple Cinnamon Cake w/ Almonds
*Unbaked Chocolate Hazelnut

Beautiful Paellas!
  • -Seafood
  • -Chicken
  • -Mixta,Valenciana
  • -Black

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