Don Quijote Wild Game Dinner is April 7 | Valparaiso

It’s back for its 36th year….the Don Quijote Wild Game Dinner. The legendary dinner that bags them from Chicago, Indianapolis, and parts unknown.

You’ll find 20 different species, including fresh alligator meat and kangaroo.

What does Alligator Meat Taste Like

Fresh Alligator Meat

Did you know the lean alligator meat is very popular in the South and in the Bayou is known as the chicken of the swamp?  Lots of Americans consider alligator better than prime rib, especially those who love their Cajun and Creole cooking. But actually, the alligator is the other white meat! Alligator is eaten pretty much where the alligator is widely found, Florida, South Carolina, Texas and Louisiana. Those are the only states where alligator hunting is legal, and furthermore, where alligator farms can be found.

So, a bit less scared about eating alligator meat? We have some more good news: alligator meat is also healthy! Yes, who knew this scary beast could be good for you? For a special treat, pair it with Spanish Rioja Wine!

What does kangaroo taste like?

Delicious Kangaroo Meat

No, it doesn’t taste like chicken. But does it taste quite like steak?

Kangaroo is gamey meat, and some foodies even prefer it to lamb and steak for its tenderness and taste. It tends to be a stronger flavor than beef or lamb, and even though it is very lean meat, it’s not tough like venison can sometimes be.

Kangaroo meat is incredibly nutritious! It’s high in protein (slightly higher than beef), iron, and zinc, and even offers omega-3s, an essential nutrient that is usually associated with fish.

Kangaroo is also a very lean meat with less than 2 percent fat. Thanks to its low fat and high protein content, it has become a popular option for fitness fanatics looking to cut down on calories and build muscle.

Fun fact: Some people include kangaroo as their only meat source in an otherwise vegetarian diet, and are known as ‘kangatarians’.

Do I need Reservations to Attend the Wild Game Dinner?

Yes! Wild Game attracts foodies from all over the Midwest. It is considered by many to be one of the best Culinary Events of the Year. Combined with Chef Carlos authentic Spanish traditions and remarkable wine cellar, this is an event you’ll always cherish. Call family and friends and make your reservations today!

219-462 7976

How Much Does the Don Quijote Wild Game Dinner Cost?
Sausage slices in a bowl.

The price to attend this remarkable Wild Game Dinner is just $65 per person.

Tell me more…

36th  Annual


Sunday April 3rd 2023


 We’ll be serving:

 Over 20 different species

including Alligator and Kangaroo

Make your reservations NOW!

119 E. Lincolnway

Valparaíso IN. 46383

(219) 462 7976

price per person $65.00