International fest at Uptown

Downtown Valpo Restaurants serve up Taste of Uptown Food Festival this Thursday!

Valpo goes international with Downtown restaurants

Stop by the all new Uptown East towers between Lincoln &  Laporte

Blue Poit specials

This International Food & Culture Festival brings together Downtown Valpo Restaurants for a tasteful community get together.

Chef Carlos of don Quijote

Featuring 6 international cuisines from Downtown Valpo, live music featuring virtuoso guitarist Marco Villarreal with Steve Ball, and so much more!

At Uptown East 4-6pm, Thursday, October 17

$5 for VU Students $10 General

FREE with Tour of the New Uptown


Marco Villarreal set for solo performance at Don Quijote tonite.

Virtuoso Marco Villarreal performs with Steve Ball for first public performance.


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