• Carol Loveless

    Where to get a ticket for the Dec.8 event? Cost? Tickets at the door?

  • Julianne wise

    Hilltop Neighborhood house , I LOVED Volunteering There, Until they Told me Not to Come Back Because of a Medical Reason. It Crushed My Heart.. I would Love to Volunteer at Don Quijote if you take Volunteers. The Reason I’m volunteering is too Give back to Every one that Helped me when I was Struggling with Bloodclots since 2004. March 22 , 2020 will be 3 Years of No Bloodclots. I told myself I was also going to Work with a Author /Publisher In writing my Short Story called “Bloodclot Stoppage ” My Story is well liked By alot of Companies.. I’m also in a Medical Journal, The Arab Journal of Interventional Radiology. My Last Surgery at Rush University hospital The Doctors did a procedure called the ‘Gunshot Technique ‘. I Have a Copy of my Story and The Medical Journal If Your Interested. In the Journal it will show the Picture of the Gunshot Technique, It is a Bullseye..
    I was The First Patient at Rush to have that Procedure done. I have only been in Valparaiso since June 29th 2019. Please email me and let me know if your interested and if I vant Volunteer with you , If you Know places I can.. Thanks julianne wise

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