Introducing the Food and Wine Blog of Don Quijote

Introducing the Food and Wine Blog from Don Quijote. This blog is Chef Carlos Rivero’s way of showing his love for his customers, to whom he considers his friends. Each blog will share Carlos’ secret recipes from the Don Quijote menu,  his knowledge of wines, and his memorable stories of Spanish culture.

Don Quijote food menu

In Spain, every meal is an opportunity to get together with friends and family, and food is one of the foundations of Spanish culture. Almost all Spanish food is made for sharing… whether it’s tapas, a huge paella pan shared between friends, or a fine bottle of Spanish Wine.


The secret to Chef Carlos and don Quijote? Passion-great recipes- freshest ingredients

You’ll learn the secrets to creating a culinary experience.

Great experiences are created. Although many people will tell you that  Don Quijote is one of the best restaurants in the  Valparaiso’s historic downtown, it’s the experience that makes Valpo’s favorite restaurant a destination.

It was Chef Carlos passionate pursuit to create a sensational experience that inspired him to be the city’s first restaurant to offer outdoor dining (al fresco) and entertain his guests with live music. Carlos passion for helping other restaurants in Valpo and working together to create a wonderful experiences for visitors inspired Carlos to help establish the Downtown Valpo Restaurant Group. As friends, the downtown Valparaiso restaurants have collectively made Downtown Valparaiso a destination for foodies from Chicago and Northwest Indiana.

The don quijote blog shares recipes from the Restaurante Don Quijote menu

Today, Valparaiso is earning national recognition for its downtown’s outdoor dining and live music venues.

Nobody has more interesting stories then Chef Carlos Rivero.

The Don Quijote Restaurant Food and Wine Blog is meant to share the secrets to creating your own remarkable experiences….and inspire passion.

The famous Don Quijote kitchen, where passion meets culinary fun

Confessions of a Chef. Carlos shares his secret recipes.

Of course, learning is always better when it is comes with a great story…and nobody has more interesting stories then Chef Carlos Rivero.

It starts with passion

So where did Carlos get his inspiration?  What influences such passion for food and wine? Family. With a father that was a celebrated Mediterranean Chef and a mother that woke up and went to bed with the chickens, young Carlos Rivero had farming and cooking in his DNA…. and wine in his blood.

Carlos recipes were inspire by his father, a celebrated Spanish Chef.

Passion wasn’t taught, it was lived. Every meal was a celebration of family and friends. Every meal was an expression of love.

Don Quijote recipes and Spanish culture are shared in this blog,

Cooking is an art…and so is storytelling.

The mystery of Spanish cuisine reveals itself through Chef Carlos stories.   Through his stories, you’ll meet Carlos, his family, his influences and his journey through life.  You’ll experience what life was like growing up on a Spanish farm and the love story that brought him to America.

Cooking and wine isn’t the passion of Carlos Rivero. Family and friends are.  Cooking is how this Spaniard shows his love.

Don Quijote is home of remarkable culinary experiences

More than a food and wine blog…it’s a cultural journey!

Enticed by the opportunity to share his diverse Spanish culture and traditions, Chef Carlos shares his country’s diversity. You’ll learn about the many regions of Spain, such as Galicia, the Basque Country and Catalonia.

Spanish culture- stories of Chef Carlos Rivero

Beautiful vintage balcony with colorful flowers and wooden doors, Mediterranean style

You’ll take a journey through Spain with each recipe he shares.

Secret Recipes from the Don Quijote Restaurante menu

This blog shares the secret Spanish recipes from the famed Don Quijote menu.  You’ll discover tips for preparation, how to select virgin olive oil, and which wines pair with his amazing cuisine.

If you’re looking for a pretentious look at cooking or wine pairing…look elsewhere. This blog is grounded for fun.

Like fine spanish wine-olive oil is to be tasted

The story of wine as never told before.

If you want a memorable experience, just ask Carlos about wine. He’ll grab a few wine glasses, stare at his diverse selection of wine bottles, select a few, and the fun begins.

Don Quijote Menu

You’ll learn what to smell, how to swoosh the glass in opposite directions,  and how the wine should be slurped to release flavor and aromas.  Than he will talk about natural sugars, soil, the influences of rain…you’ll even learn which regions grow the best grapes.

Discover the diverse wine cellar of Carlos Rivero and Don Quijote. Learn more.

After an enjoyable wine symposium with the Chef, drinking wine will never be the same again. You’ll swirl your glass and sniff it. Every taste will be an event. You’ll discover passion.

Meant for sharing!

Why would a great Chef share his secret recipes and knowledge of wine?  Because Carlos loves his customers…and you show your love by sharing. Subscribe to the Don Quijote blog (below) and discover your own passion for food, family and friends, compliments of Chef Carlos.

Chef Carlos of don Quijote

Introducing the Don Quijote Restaurant of Valparaiso’s Food and  Wine Blog… experience the passion! !

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